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Biographical History

Hardwood Hill Cemetery began with the deed of March 20, wherein the company acquired eight acres from the Parish of St. George’s, Sydney for $208.00. This property was part of the 378 acres of Glebe Lands granted to the Rector, Wardens and Vestry of the Parish of St. George by King George III (1760-1820). The Cemetery fronts on George Street, Sydney and extends to what is now Rotary Drive. The property contains fourteen acres and has over 14,000 graves and burial lots. A fountain is located in the centre and is a helpful reference point for locating burial sites. The Cemetery was incorporated in 1925 and is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors in cooperation with the Auxiliary, the Manager and two seasonal caretakers.

Custodial History

Burial Register (1881-1942) and deed presented by Fred Scott, Sydney 1979.

Hardwood Hill Records (alphabetical listing from 1881 – 1990 presented by Gordon Spencer.

Updated computer printout presented by Doug MacMullin, September, 1993 and updated again in August, 1995.

History, research papers, indentures, scrapbook, photos, slides presented by the Heritage Studies Group, UCCB, 1993.

Burial register was borrowed from the Hardwood Hill Cemetery Office and photocopies were made by Beaton Institute staff, 7 July 2003.

Burial register (1942-2010) presented by George Carabin, Manager, Hardwood Hill Cemetery, March 2010.